About Us

My Happy Place

When the mind, body & soul are balanced, there you will find me at My Happy Place!

Vision: Provide a professional establishment where Independent Therapists may utilize their skills without the hassle and overbearing weights of that of an employee based structure.
Mission: Become a leading provider in the field of massage therapy & bodywork within the community based off of skill set and passion of that from a Therapist.

We are an entity that strives to make a difference within all the surrounding communities! We want to set the standard and start new trends for the entire industry. My Happy Place is a perfect balance created by a Therapist, for the clients and the Therapists alike as well as becoming a competitive contender among the other local establishments.

Independent Therapists

Room Rentals include fully furnished studio with all amenities needed

Includes tables, bolsters, sheets, blankets, pillows, towel warmers, towels, aromatherapy, Dead Sea salt scrubs, music, front desk personnel with more and ALWAYS the opportunity to increase your clientele with the most wonderful guests coming through our doors!

Excluding lotions/ creams

Contact us for more information 410-638-6774

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