My Happy Place Massage Studio

When the mind, body & soul are balanced, there you will find me at My Happy Place!

At My Happy Place, our Vision is simple… By providing the community with leading Massage Therapists who have established a profound state of independence and drive, our clients will come & go having the absolute best massage therapy & bodywork which will continue to support promoting healthy lifestyle habits.

The Mission for My Happy Place is to provide the community with leading massage Therapists who dedicate their drive & independence towards providing professionalism with every client experience.

We are an entity that strives to set the standard and start new trends for the entire industry. My Happy Place is a perfect balance created by a Therapist, for the clients and the Therapists alike as well as becoming a competitive contender among the other local establishments.

Independent Therapists

Room Rentals include a fully furnished studio with all amenities needed to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

Amenities include: hydraulic tables, bolsters, linens (sheets, towels, blankets), pillows, towel warmers, music, stationary, online booking, some marketing/ advertising, laundry unit in studio, & more!

Also, an opportunity to increase your clientele with the most wonderful guests coming through our doors!

Contact us for more information 410-638-6774