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Cancellation Policy

It is required to hold your appointment by submitting a deposit. Once scheduled, your Therapist will either call or text with their deposit information, which will be $50/ 50% depending on the cost of your service. If your appointment is scheduled a “same day” or within 24 hours, 20% will be added and payment in full is due up front.


Our cancellation policy is as follows…

Deposits are non- refundable if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of your appointment.

100% charge for “no call/no show” & inability to reschedule unless paid at the therapists discretion. 

Everyone gets a 1 time grace because why? It can happen to any of us. However, after the first time, a deposit may be required. Please remember all of our Therapists are Independent. If you don’t show, we can’t make a living. If we can’t make a living with doing what we love, well that just isn’t how life should be lived. Thank you for all your understanding.