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Pain management Massage services


A consultation is used only for Medical/ Therapeutic massages that are to be claimed through insurance. Consultations may include any additional paperwork, contracts, emails, phone calls & anything else that may pertain to any legalities. We do not work with Worker’s Compensation cases. Estimated @ $1 per min (15-30 minutes maximum)
With Therapeutic/ Medical massages, you must 1st have a written prescription from your doctor. Then you must reach out to your insurance company and ask if they reimburse for CPT codes: 97140 (manual therapy), 97124 (soft tissue manipulation), 99070 (supplies & materials- Therapist uses this), 97010 (hot/ cold packs), and 97110 (therapeutic exercise). *97140 is the main & most common. It is up to the client to consult with their insurance. A Licensed Massage Therapist is allowed to perform these services, but we will not be “in-network”. We will give you your receipt with Therapeutic/ Medical Massage on it & you can submit to your insurance.

Therapeutic/ Medical Massage

60 minutes $99

75 minutes $119

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Vickie is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMP) and Certified Medical Massage Practitioner (CMMP) and has expertise working in the areas of Medical massage, Oncology, Geriatrics, Cerebral Palsy, Myofacial & Trigger Point.

Trigger Point/ Myofacial

Trigger point therapy is a form of manual therapy that focuses on detecting and releasing trigger points. Located in the skeletal muscle, trigger points are spots that produce pain when compressed. In many cases, trigger points form as a result of trauma to the muscle fibers.
Myofascial release works specifically with the connective tissue (fascia) to relieve the tightness that causes muscle restrictions. ... Massage therapy involves steady movement, like kneading and stroking, on the muscles to bring relief; myofascial release uses sustained pressure to stretch and lengthen the fascia.

45 minutes $89

60 minutes $99

75 minutes $119


Your therapist will put special silicone cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage without the deep pressure you’d get from a regular deep tissue massage. You may leave with dark red marks that may take hours or days to go away depending on the amount of toxin buildup you may have.

60 minutes $89

Cervical (Neck) Concentration

This service is made for those who may not have a lot of time, but need to focus solely on the neck. Clients may suffer from headaches, whiplash, or any sort of trauma that is chronic (6 months or more). The technique is typically trigger point & myofascial.

30 minutes $79

45 minutes $89

HyperVolt Vibration Massage (3 body areas maximum)

This is a special device, a massage gun that creates a lot of vibration on the body. Massage therapy may take a lot of time to get into the deeper layers of the tissues, but using the Hypervolt massage gun can speed up the process in order to get into the knots and tight fascia. Some people may just have or need a short amount of time to quickly release those hard to get tension areas. Many people may use this device at home, however, a Therapist knows exactly the points that are required in order for a muscle to release. Yes, there can be a science to it.

30 minutes $59

To add HyperVolt Vibration Massage to any Pain Management service: add $10

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up. The treatment is also a good way of releasing and disposing of toxins and wastes out of the body. This is very important as excessive amounts of wastes in the body contribute to weight gain. When done by a professional, 1 or 2 times a week is enough, but each body is different. Typically, this is done for post- surgical needs, edema, detoxification & weight loss (as a side effect from detoxifying).

60 minutes $79

75 minutes $99

90 minutes $119

*All Pain Management services: clients may add CBD Salve $5 (per area- up to 3 areas)*

*Please ask your Therapist if they offer this addition item.


The client and practitioner have a shared goal of achieving structural changes (not just dealing with the muscle structures, but the bony structures as well) within the body, generally through a series of regular massages. With Therapeutic massages, you present to the therapist, a specific complaint, for instance, pain in your hip, a spasm in your lower back, or shoulders up to your ears with tension… Or even all 3!

We follow these 4 steps:
Assess your current condition
Propose a plan
Perform the therapy
Evaluate the outcome

You should experience some degree of relief even in one session. People tend to assume therapeutic massage means deep tissue massage and that they will get a very strong massage, but this is not always the case. This is a Health Care facility & we do have qualified Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT's) who have undergone training on how to treat these specific chronic conditions.


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