Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a specialized area of massage that utilizes massage techniques and range of motion and flexibility training as well as strength training to help an individual athlete recover from an injury after a sports event, as well as prepare for an event.

Not all massage studios are qualified to provide sports massage. Do your research before booking an appointment.

Sports Massage Therapist

If you’re looking for a sports massage therapist in the Bel Air, MD area. You’re in luck. My Happy place has three sports massage therapists on staff, ready to work with you. We’ve helped athletes of all ages recover from a sports injury, and helped athletes improve range of motion, flexibility, symmetry, posture, etc.

Sports massage therapy is tailored to each individual, based on your sport, your injury (if there is one), your age, your conditioning, tolerance level, etc. Your sports massage can be a regularly scheduled appointment or a series of visits after an injury, and can include the standard massage techniques, stroking through muscles groups or picking specific muscles out and creating movement within them in different directions or at varying depths and strengths. We can also be the isolate of a muscle or muscle group and stretch them in a variety of ways with client participation, passive/subtle movements along the muscle body or work deep into specific areas as appropriate.

When we are looking at treating the injury or your symptoms, we carefully consider the root cause of your injury, pain or stiffness.  Many times, an injury or area of pain results from a problem in another area of your body, so your massage therapist may work on another area seemingly unrelated to the pain or injury. Before beginning any treatment, we’ll explain what we plan to do and why. We believe communication is key.


Pricing for Sports Massage

60 minute Cupping Therapy Massage $99

60 minute Post- Event w/ Stretching

45 minute Pre- Event w/ Stretching

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Full Body Stretching

30 Minutes (added to any 60 minute massage) $39

30 Minutes (Stretching Only) $59

60 Minutes (Stretching Only) $69

Call My Happy Place Massage at 410-638-6774 or go to our Online Scheduling to schedule an appointment. If you have a preference for a particular massage therapist, let us know. We’re conveniently located in Bel Air, Maryland, in the heart of Harford County.