Independent Massage Therapists Wanted

My Happy Place Massage Studio in Forest Hill is always looking for independent massage therapists and massage practitioners. If you are an experienced massage therapist or massage practitioner who would like to utilize a professional, designated space with all the top tools of the trade, decrease your overhead, and build your clientele, call us today at 410-638-6774 for more information. Whether you’re leaving another studio or new to the area, My Happy Place can be your place, too. We’re conveniently located in Harford County, and we attract clients from throughout the Baltimore area.     

$100 off   1st month's rent*

Room Rentals within the studio include fully furnished rooms with all the amenities needed to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.Our independent massage therapists take advantage of amenities that include:

• Hydraulic tables• Music
• Bolsters• Linens (sheets, towels, blankets)
• Pillows• Towel warmers
• Online booking• Some marketing/ advertising
• Your profile added to our website• Laundry unit in studio
• And more!


By renting space in our Forest Hill massage studio,our independent massage therapists enjoy all the benefits of being an independent contractor. This includes the ability to make your own hours, create a good work/life balance, bring your own clientele from your home or less desirable space, and increase your clientele. We have a supportive team of independent massage therapists specializing in deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage & cupping therapy, prenatal massage, and more.
We book by appointment only, so you don’t have to worry about a walk-in right before you’re ready to leave. And no working late because the boss needs you to do some last-minute task. You are your own boss.
Contact us for more information 410-638-6774. Or schedule a time to stop by and tour the studio to see for yourself why Harford County loves My Happy Place!